You care about your
employees and customers.
Let us help you
Take care of them

Every day, your community spends energy doing things with or for your brand.

Good companies give something back through CSR programmes.

That energy can be recaptured, reclaimed and cherished, channeled towards the things they care about the most: their health, their family, their careers.

Great companies get actively involved in their community - they set up festivals, workshops, free training and more.

And yet

Most programmes are one-time events. Continuous programmes are difficult to design, maintain and, maybe most importantly, keep relevant.

X-Wrist makes it easy for you to engage and reward your community at a granular level.

With X-Wrist you can tailor your programmes to the different audiences your company interacts with and keep them engaged on a daily basis.

Build your own X-Wrist ecosystem
Choose where your community
earns and spends rewards
X-Wrist Energy logo
your Team
Earn for: cheering for your club at the stadium
Spend on: fan merchandise or support your team
Support<br/><strong>your Team</strong>
your Day
Earn for: buying low-fat beverages
Spend on: brownie
Start<br/><strong>your Day</strong>
Earn for: keeping meetings short
Spend on: a new laptop
Get Fit
Earn for: working out every day
Spend on: fitness and supplements
Get <strong>Fit</strong>
Stay Healthy
Earn for: visiting your doctor regularly
Spend on: a CT scan
Stay <strong>Healthy</strong>
Take care
of your Self
Earn for: maintaining a healthy lifestyle
Spend on: discounted Insurance
Take care<br/><strong>of your Self</strong>
the World
Earn for: visiting 10% of European countries
Spend on: a city break In Paris
Explore<br/><strong>the World</strong>
Appreciate what you community does best. And reward it.
X-Wrist gives you the tool you need
to build a strong Brand Culture.


Your X-Wrist deployment, regardless of your chosen plan, allows you to create and upload workout plans, training programmes (like Design Thinking, for instance), add Consultation Access in your Partner Clinics and, if needed, set the prices for all of these.

You can build your whole Brand Experience within X-Wrist.



Improve morale by including small wins in your members' day. Especially during stressful times.

Help them make the most of all given situations.

You can use X-Wrist's built-in features to motivate employees, launch a health-focussed campaign for your customers or even send them gifts when you expect their mood to be low.



If your branding strategy permits it, you can use X-Wrist's leaderboards (or any custom features you might envision) to show off your best performing members, start competitions and inspire your network to strive for more.

You can also reward your members for being engaged and turn them into brand ambassadors.



Use X-Wrist to announce new products, get more out of a teaser campaign or help employees get started with a new procedure you have designed.

Build your brand culture by creating challenges around the things you and your community find beneficial.



With X-Wrist, the standard package is just that - a starting point.

Tailor the product to your company's needs, add to it and bend it to the way you work.

The application can be shaped in any way you see fit.

Go beyond a simple
Wellness Platform
Use X-Wrist’s Smart Detection
Features to reduce your Employees' Healthcare Costs.
Detect problems early on, make them known, and help them get resolved.
<span class="cyan">Detect</span>

Through smart sensors and complex heuristics, X-Wrist is able to predict potential issues before they become serious.

<span class="cyan">Notify</span>

Building on the detection algorithms built in, your members can be notified that they may be facing some issues and directed towards seeking professional help.

<span class="cyan">Aid</span>

Collaborate with Private Clinics and support your members with discounts and offers meant to reduce their healthcare costs. Preventing serious issues helps not only their well-being, but also their bottom line.

Community image
Can you help
Your community?

The best thing you can do for someone is help them build good habits.

Put their wellness on autopilot

Your day would be awful if you had to do everything consciously - brushing your teeth, taking your morning shower, making coffee. It's easier when you have a routine.

But if having one is simple enough, creating one is... well, for lack of a better word, a challenge. Routines are all about consistent behaviour, and the first few days of a new routine are crucial.

That's why it's so hard to stick to a diet, a gym plan or a meal prep schedule.

That's also why bingeing on a new series is so easy - consistent behaviour takes little to no effort.

This "little to no effort" phenomenon is what we're aiming for with our predictive motivation algorithms. X-Wrist learns what you respond well to, articulates it to your desired goal and makes sure the steps you have to take are small and rewarding enough to keep you hooked.

Your community can earn

By completing challenges you design and set, your community can get more EVT than they normally would.

Payment logo
And spend them with
Wrist pay image

Then spend their hard earned rewards with their X-wrist band the same way they use their contactless credit card - on groceries, electronics, clothing, you name it.

X-wrist adapts to your business’ needs

Analyse how you want your members’ lives to change


Map out their transformation journey


Customize X-Wrist to aid them in their journey


Launch your X-Wrist ecosystem

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