It’s not about
what you can
do for your
It’s about what you can help them achieve for themselves.

In today’s fast-paced world it’s easy to lose yourself in your job. To find it difficult to separate the role you have in a business from the person that fulfills that role. It’s even easier to forget that your job as a manager, CEO or business owner isn’t to make business flourish.

But to ensure that the group of people you’re in charge of can grow and become better than another group of people. That’s what X-Wrist aims to put back in business - the people-first approach. Your approach.

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X-Wrist for your workforce
What’s in a name?
How we can help your company live up to its brand reputation and values.
Value becomes challenges
Value becomes <span class="cyan">challenges</span>

X-Wrist works with you to turn your values into challenges your employees can take part in, helping them understand what they’re part of and why they are the company as much as the founding members, CEO or board of directors.

Mission becomes action
Mission becomes <span class="cyan">action</span>

Turn your mission statement into a criterium for rewarding your people.

Generate goals and activities articulated with what they want to achieve.

Reward them when they embody your company’s reason for being while bettering themselves.

Vision becomes change
Vision becomes <span class="cyan">change</span>

Set the groundwork for the changes you want to bring and reward your workforce when they take steps in the right direction.

Empower them to go beyond a statement with Vision Enactments. Challenges or rewards that reinforce your company’s purpose.

Specificity is key
How X-Wrist encourages
value adoption and positive change
Wellness Management System

Wellness Management System

Detect potential health issues before they worsen

Trigger soft and hard alarms for the user

Liaise with clinics and MD that specialise in preventive medicine

Branded Targets

Branded Targets

Create Self-Improvement/Activities and reward your users for meeting them.

Branded Products

Branded Products

Allow your users to spend their EVT tokens in your own X-Wrist Store on things they want for themselves - devices, sports supplements, toys, courses, classes and more.

Branded Challenges System

Branded Challenges System

Engage your employees in interdepartmental competitions (from running Marathons to Keeping Proper Posture).

Badge System

Badge System

Empower your “Employee of the Month” programmes with a leaderboard-like Badge System that allows people to show off what they excel at in a more granular manner.

Bespoke Features

Bespoke Features

Make X-Wrist your own map out processes or needs within your organisation with our consultants and benefit from features built specifically for you and your own.

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