A Human-Centric Mobile Experience
The X-Wrist App

Improve your health, track your fitness, redeem rewards and challenge your friends to become better, together. All in just one app.

How do you
build the lifestyle
you want?
A question you won’t need to answer

We know how hard it can be to create, maintain and sustain healthy habits.

After all, it’s easier to scoff a pizza than it is to eat a salad. Because of this imbalance between things we want that come difficult and things we don’t that come easy, we built X-Wrist. You can simply let it know what you want and it will make sure you follow through with your plan. And like it!

Health: Monitor, Diagnose & Consult
24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring

Get instant notifications when irregularities are detected (health insights)

ECG Analysis & History

Save all your ECG readings and interpretations within the app. Easily share these reports with any doctor you wish.

Oxygen Saturation

Stay on top of your wellness by measuring and maintaining the precise balance of oxygen-saturated blood.

Remote Medical Consultations

Request 1-on-1 live chat consultations with doctors right within the X-Wrist app and get the help you need, fast.

Body Temperature Measurement

Instant body temperature check at the push of a button. See your data throughout the day.

Blood Pressure

Get a clear picture of your heart health in seconds. See your blood pressure variation throughout time.

AI Instant Medical Diagnosis and Recommendations

Algorithms developed with certified doctors and scientists allow you to get instant medical diagnosis based on your readings so you know right away if your health is in danger.

Respiratory Rate

See how you’re breathing throughout day & night - while working, sleeping or during fitness activities. Get notified when your number of breaths per minute is outside normal parameters.

Activity, sleep and food
Calories, Steps, Distance

See your energy expediture throughout the day by tracking the calories you burn, the steps you take, the miles you run, the yards you leap.

Better Sleep Quality

Understand your sleeping patterns by seeing your deep sleep, light sleep or no sleep intervals.

Weight Tracking

Keep track of your weight progress and personalize your X-Wrist experience according to your weight goal.

Smarter Workout Tracking

Measure your workout intensity, frequency and progress. Compare against past workout data to see where you can improve.

Food Monitoring

Take pictures of your food and keep track of what you put inside your body. Get personalized recommendations by easily sharing this information with certified nutritionists within the X-Wrist app.

Remote Coaching Sessions

Request 1-on-1 live chat consultations with fitness coaches, nutritionists and performance psychologists right within the app.

View Your Daily Targets

It’s like a “Health & Fitness To Do List” that measures your activity and completes automatically. While you do what’s best for you.

Complete Challenges

Our motivation & habit building algorithms recommends challenges that keep you on your toes, sticking to your goals and always wanting to improve yourself.

Set Bold Goals

From losing a few pounds to training for Iron Man, X-Wrist will help you set and track the goals that lead you to a better you.

X-Wrist Rewards:
Earn Everywhere,
Spend Anywhere
Earn EVT Tokens

Earn EVT Tokens

You deserve to be rewarded for your progress. Invest energy in becoming a better you, and be rewarded with Energy Value Tokens (EVT).

Real Monetary Value

Real Monetary Value

All tokens on the platform are backed by our own capital. Literally putting our money where our wrist is.

Check your Wallet

Check your Wallet

See how many EVT tokens you have, what you have spent them on and how many you need for that nice book you wanted.


Learn from our diverse expert health & fitness courses available within the app to get a better grasp of what makes you tick.

Diet plans

Whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian or vegan, access the diet plans created by our top nutritionists to reach your weight goal faster.

350.000+ Special Offers

Use your tokens to access over 350.000+ deals from brands you love. It’s like exchanging 1 token for a $25 discount. You can even be notified when you’re near a store and get your discount on the spot.

Workout Plans

Choose from our vast collection of pre-made workout plans for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced), whether you want to do them home or in the gym.

1-on-1 Consultations

Request a medical consultation based on your health readings. Ask a fitness coach for a custom-made workout plan based on your activity. Or have a nutritionist look over the food you eat and send you a personalized diet plan.

Community Rewards & Social Challenges
Share your progress

Share with your friends and family the challenges you complete, the goals you accomplish, the badges you receive or anything that’s on your mind.

Exchange energy with the community

In X-Life, people send and receive positive energy in the form of EVT to boost each other’s morale. It’s like turning a like into something tangible you can actually use in real life.

Social challenge bets

Challenge up to 10 friends to run 5 miles. Winner takes all the tokens. How’s that for motivation?

Get rewarded for engaging with brands

Engage with brand challenges, live streams and social posts. Earn tokens for doing it.

X-Wrist is built on the
The 3 pillars of improvement
The first two are straightforward. You have them pinned down.
The third we built precisely because it’s not easy to master.
Understand Yourself
Understand <span class="cyan">Yourself</span>

The app takes information from the band and displays it in ways you can use to learn more about what makes you tick. Maybe you’ll discover going out helps you sleep better. Who knew?

Educate Yourself
Educate <span class="cyan">Yourself</span>

Our ecosystem is designed to give you access to information that explains why your body - and your mind - react to some workouts, stimuli and suggestions in specific ways. And how to harness them.

Better Yourself
Better <span class="cyan">Yourself</span>

With its intelligent motivation enhancement algorithm, X-Wrist helps you achieve the goals you set for yourself. Without having you jump through more hoops than you’d like to.

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