The 2019-2022 wearable market boom.

We are living in the digital era now because there is always a phone in our pocket and wifi around our home. Sometimes we forget that sometimes it’s good be alone with our thoughts and nothing distract us from doing so other than ourselves. Nowadays, technology surrounds us every step day but when you will think about why people so love technology it has become obvious that all generations live at the same earth,in which they came without even cell phones? Yes humanity invented everything by itself to make life easier.

Since 2019 the smart watch market has know a valuable increase in sales and user akmoledgement in the wearable industry benefits.

Technology is constantly changing the way we do business and there are now a lot of wearable tech products on the market. Smartwatches, fitness bracelets, smart glasses and VR headsets are just some examples that have been in the news lately.

Now the technology has gone up to a point where it can help doctors remotely monitor their pacients or make medical advices based on data gathered through them.entire database including your health statistics gadhered through the x-wrist bands and an AI algorithm to make sure.

Our company uses medical databases around the world and puts them through a medical AI software designed by us that will help Medics analize the medical health data gadhered by the x-wrist band to give better medical diagnostics. (The AI learns and gets better everyday)

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