Wearable devices for health monitoring

Can we compete with major brands? We do have temperature monitor. We do have blood pressure monitor. We do we have ECK reading on demand. We do have respiration rate tracking. We do have calories, steps, hart rate, sleep tracker. And to simply answer the question…. YES! We can compete with major brands. Major brands… Continue reading Wearable devices for health monitoring

The 2019-2022 wearable market boom.

We are living in the digital era now because there is always a phone in our pocket and wifi around our home. Sometimes we forget that sometimes it’s good be alone with our thoughts and nothing distract us from doing so other than ourselves. Nowadays, technology surrounds us every step day but when you will… Continue reading The 2019-2022 wearable market boom.

What we do differently!

There may be other smart bands out there that can track blood pressure, temperature, respiration rate, sleep, fitness data (steps,calories,distance) but none of them can use this data to continuously monitor your health at every 10 minutes and report to a doctor if anything seems wrong. According to MedScape, globally, an estimated 26% of the world’s… Continue reading What we do differently!