What we do differently!

There may be other smart bands out there that can track blood pressure, temperature, respiration rate, sleep, fitness data (steps,calories,distance) but none of them can use this data to continuously monitor your health at every 10 minutes and report to a doctor if anything seems wrong.

According to MedScape, globally, an estimated 26% of the world’s population (972 million people) has hypertension, and the prevalence is expected to increase to 29% by 2025, driven largely by increases in economically developing nations. The high prevalence of hypertension exacts a tremendous public health burden.

Don’t you like to have a first warn about your health status? To be able to monitor everything prior to any desease? We can help!

But I did not answer the question…

What DO we do differently?

Well, we are trying to make you live healthy, we are trying to help you find the truth about your health, we are trying to help you build healthy habits.

x-wrist wants to use your energy and repay you for it.

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